Our firm is well known throughout the Ark-La-Tex region of northeast Texas, southwest Arkansas, and northwest Louisiana. We have more than 30 years of experience representing people injured in car accidents, truck accidentstrain accidentsATV accidentsslip and fall accidents, or due to nursing home neglect.

When injured people come into the office, our hearts go out to them. We have an experienced, professional team of attorneys as well as associates, paralegals, and office staff who fight for our clients with everything they’ve got. Our goal is to be an effective advocate for our clients in the legal system. Because we are licensed to practice law in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, our lawyers know the values of accident cases in all three jurisdictions and can help our clients obtain compensation. 

We have office locations in Texarkana, Texas, and El Dorado, Arkansas. We are a part of the greater Ark-La-Tex area and put money back into local communities through charitable contributions. We also assist clients injured in accidents across the United States. Mr. Flint is also licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and New Jersey. We have represented clients with associate counsel across the United States and in Central and South America.

Because you shouldn’t be charged for the information you need now

Before we dive in, we want to invite you to stop by for a consultation — or we’ll come to visit you at your home or in the hospital if we need to. The point is that we’ll spend some together so we can start to build a relationship rooted in trust, honesty, and authenticity. We’ll also take a look at your case to discover the ins and outs and get a good game plan going.


Suffering through a personal injury can be a devastating experience, especially when it was caused by the carelessness and recklessness of someone else. Between the medical bills piling up, still trying to take care of your family, and just getting healthy in general there are a lot of stressors at play. Our goal is to be a source of relief and comfort in your life. By allowing us to take on the legalities, you have the ability to shift your focus to what really matters: a smooth recovery.

At The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford, P.L.L.C., we’re qualified to handle a variety of personal injury cases. We’ve taken on everything from car and truck accidents to premises liability, insurance disputes, and wrongful death. It’s safe to say that with our team, you’re in good hands.

One of our strengths is our insight. Part of that involves understanding how state laws vary between Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana so we know how to fight with efficiency and accuracy.

When you’re ready to hire a team of attorneys that have the skills to position you on a winning route, give us a call and schedule a free consultation.