1 in 5 Cars Have Open Recalls

For whatever reason, recalls on car parts are becoming more and more common. The Volkswagen emissions recall was in the spotlight for a while, and affected thousands of drivers. When the powers that be decide a recall is necessary, the car manufacturer is obligated to notify the owner of the car.

However, the owner of the car isn’t obligated to take the car in to get it fixed. This can be problematic when that car is sold or when it’s blazing down the highway at 75 miles an hour.

Carfax estimates that 1 in 5 cars in America are under recall and have not been fixed yet.

without any warning. These recalls can be for just about anything, brakes, airbags, fuel lines and electrical problems.

When a driver sells a car to a used car dealer, that dealer is not required to fix the recalls, or inform potential buyer of any open recalls. This puts all the responsibility on the drivers.

There are a few websites and resources that car buyers can use to look for open recalls before they buy a used car. Safercar is a easy and free way to check for recalls on most major car manufacturers.

Recalls that are unfixed can cause serious injuries and even deaths. Do yourself and other drivers a favor by checking your car for recalls periodically. All you need is two minutes, your car’s VIN number, and an internet connection.

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