Can You Sue for A Hoverboard Injury?

Anyone who has ever watched Back to the Future has wanted to glide around town on a hoverboard like Marty Mcfly. While we haven’t quite figured out how the flux capacitor works, hoverboards are sweeping the nation. Sadly, these hoverboards don’t actually hover, they’re more like Segways without handles.

In 2015, hoverboards sold like hotcakes. Every child wanted one for Christmas and every parent was fighting to find one. Despite impressive sales numbers, these hoverboards have caused a fair amount of controversy.

Hoverboards are notoriously easy to fall off of, and, to make matters worse, they can spontaneously catch on fire. These unpredictable fires have caused several airports, cities and even entire countries to ban hoverboards.

As you can imagine, countless people have been hurt while trying to ride a hoverboard, but can you sue for a hoverboard injury?

If you plan on suing the hoverboard manufacturer for your injuries you’ll most likely file a product liability suit. This kind of suit will claim either the design, manufacturing or warning were defective. Each involves different arguments and strategies.

  • Design Defects: The overall design of the product is unreasonably dangerous for consumers to use.
  • Manufacturing Defects: The manufacturer did not follow the design or used faulty parts and as a result, the product is unsafe.
  • Warning Defects: The warnings and instructions that came with the product did not adequately express the dangers of the product.

Another possible lawsuit for hoverboard injuries is if someone else on a hoverboard ran into you or caused damage to your property. For this situation, you’ll want to file a negligence claim against the driver. Proving negligence can be a bit tricky in this situation, but a skilled personal injury lawyer can help you look at the facts to see if you have a case. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford offer a free case evaluation for anyone who has questions about a hoverboard injury case.

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