New Personal Injury Payment Option

Often times, when a plaintiff wins a personal injury case the waiting time to receive payment, can be very stressful for the plaintiff. Not surprisingly, when large companies or insurance agencies lose personal injury cases they aren’t exactly eager to fork over the money.

Sometimes defendants will give the plaintiff a lowball settlement offer because they know the plaintiff needs money now and can’t afford to wait out a long trial in court. This effectively robs plaintiffs of money that is rightfully and legally theirs.

To stop this from happening a new start-up company called Mighty Group Inc. has raised venture capital to help plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Mighty Group created a marketplace in which reputable vendors bid against each other to lend a couple of thousand dollars to help plaintiffs make it through the trial.

When plaintiffs use this service they agree to pay back the money with some interest, if and when they receive their settlement from the defendants.

Giving cash advances to plaintiffs is not a new concept, but using a marketplace to create a biding war has potential to be very beneficial for plaintiffs.

The co-founder of Mighty Group, Joshua Schwadron, has a law degree from Emory University and has previously founded a legal funding company. Schwadron founded Mighty Group to help give power to plaintiffs and allow them to, “stay patient and wait for a fair settlement offer.”

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