Nursing Home Abuse Now on Social Media

You can find just about anything on social media. Local events,the best restaurants, DIY instructions, helpful hints and tricks, and of course cat videos, are all a few finger taps away. Sadly, nursing home abuse can now also be found on social media.

An investigation by ProPublica found 35 cases of nursing home employees sharing picture of residents in compromising positions on social media. This investigation started in 2012.

At least 16 of the 35 cases happened through the social media platform Snapchat, which allows users to send photos and videos to friends that are only able to be viewed temporarily. After the intended viewer looks at the photo or video, it will be erased.

These photos and videos captured nursing home residents while they were partially or fully nude, and typically while they were unaware they were being photographed. This is a massive breach of resident’s privacy, safety, and trust.

Not only this evidence of possible sexual abuse, it also might violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). The homes accused in the investigation are facing tough scrutiny from Congressmen and the public.

Most people think sexual abuse in nursing homes is rare, but studies show this kind of abuse isn’t as rare as most people think. The saddest part is that most of these cases go unreported.

The victims of abuse are typically reluctant to report abuse, but there are signs of nursing home abuse that loved ones can spot if they know what to look for. If one of your loved ones has been abused in a nursing home contact The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford for a free consultation.

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