Personal Injury Case Timeline part 1

A personal injury case is made up of a lot of moving parts and it’s important to know how they all work and what order they come in if you want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury case timeline can take many forms but most cases follow a path similar to the one below.

The doctor

When you get injured your first step should be going to the doctor to get medical help. This will not only help your injury heal, it will also prove to the insurance adjustor and the jury that you are truly injured. If you skip this step the jury might think you’re injury is not severe enough to receive compensation.

Call a Lawyer

Once you have received medical treatment and are in a safe and stable condition, it’s time to call a lawyer. A personal injury case requires a lawyer who is trained and specializes in personal injury law. Calling the estate-planning lawyer who set up your will and trusts is not a good move.


Once you’ve picked a lawyer, they will conduct a very thorough interview asking you questions about the accident, your background and your medical condition and treatment. During this interview you need to be as honest as possible. You have attorney-client privilege so anything you tell your attorney will remain confidential.

Next, your lawyer will look over all your medical records and bills related to your injury. After reviewing all necessary documentation your lawyer will decide if you have a valid claim. This review and decision process can take a fair amount of time so you might have to wait a bit.


If the lawyer sees a valid case they will either file suit or begin talks with the other parties to try to reach an out of court settlement. Regardless if the lawyer decides to file a formal suit or a settlement, they will typically wait until the client has reached the maximum medical improvement (MMI) point.

The MMI is reached when the client has finished the treatment and has medically improved as much as possible. It’s a good idea to wait for the MMI because then the lawyer can know how much the case is worth.

For more information about the personal injury case timeline call The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford and check back next week for personal injury case timeline part II.

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