Stay Off Social Media When You’re Injured

Social Media has taken over our society. What used to be only for the young and hip is now for anyone with an internet connection. While social media offers a great way to keep in touch with old friends and stay up to date on events, lots of people who use social media are blissfully unaware of social media etiquette and socially acceptable rules. One rule most people are unaware of is to stay off social media when you’re injured.

If you get injured and are pursuing a personal injury case, it’s a good idea to stop all social media activity. Big insurance companies know how to do their research and dig up dirt on you. One of their first stops will be at your social media sites to see if they can catch you posting some incriminating evidence.

In your personal injury claim you’ll likely state that you are unable to work or enjoy physical activities you once did. If you’re claiming your injuries from a car wreck are stopping you from hiking and you post a picture of you climbing a fourteener in Colorado, you can bet the insurance company will snap a screenshot and use it in court against you.

It’s best to never assume private settings or filters will stop your posts from being seen. You should assume anything you post will be seen by the judge and the jury.

Even posts that appear to indicate you are still enjoying life despite your injury, can be used against you. On the other hand, posting obviously fake posts about being unhappy or inactive might seem like you’re purposely overdoing it to falsely build up your case. This is why it’s best just to go dark on social media while you’re in the middle of your personal injury case.

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