Texas Bicycle Accidents

In recent years Americans have become infatuated with bicycles. As the push to go green and be healthy becomes stronger, more and more Americans are hopping on a bike. Riding a bike is a great way to get around town or enjoy some beautiful weather. While interest in bicycles continues to grow, safety seems to be lagging behind.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that from 2010 to 2014 there were 263 fatal and 4,066 nonfatal accidents that involved a car and a bicycle or pedestrian, in Dallas County alone.

Recently one Texas cyclist was riding around Dallas when she came to a stoplight. The 26-year-old cyclist, Deb Culbertson, was wearing a helmet and following all the rules of the road.

She was more than halfway through the crosswalk when a car came barreling through the crosswalk. The crash left Culbertson with a concussion and several injuries to her leg and neck. In order to fully recover, Culbertson will now have to go through several weeks of physical therapy.

Local and state lawmakers are now stepping up their efforts to increase safety for cyclists by developing programs to alert motorists of where cyclists are and how they ride. The Look Out Texas campaign will incorporate billboards, radio ads and bus wraps to raise awareness about bicycle safety.

Bicycle accidents are a very unfortunate part of riding a bike, especially if you ride through a major city. While there seem to be significant efforts to improve safety and cut down on bike accidents, these programs take a while to get approved and even longer to become effective. Until safety programs can eliminate bicycle accidents entirely The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford will be ready to supply legal help for those injured in a bicycle accident.

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