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There are good insurance companies in the world, but many that are not. You pay a monthly premium for protection and you expect them to make good on their promises after you’ve had a loss. However, too often this expectation is not met.

Insurance companies are in business to make money and you are not their top priority. The bottom line of their company is what matters most to them. It’s the job of an insurance adjuster to protect his company, and that sometimes comes in the form of denying or undervaluing claims and even threatening policyholders. Insurance companies do not want you to contact a lawyer because they realize that a lawyer will try and force them to pay you the full value of your insurance claim.

The Law Offices of Flint & Crawford has 30 years of experience handling insurance disputes and bad faith insurance claims for people in the Ark-La-Tex region of northeast Texas, southwest Arkansas, and northwest Louisiana. We help people fight insurance companies that fail to live up to their obligations. When someone enters our doors with complaints about how an insurance company will not honor their claims, we are prepared to fight for them with all we’ve got. We handle cases of:

  • Denied life insurance claims
  • Denied property damage claims
  • Denied disability benefits
  • Denied fire claims
  • Denied healthcare claims

In some cases, a court may award attorney fees in addition to your damage claim. In cases of insurance bad faith, some jurisdictions permit additional damages for insurance company abuse to punish the insurance company and stop them from engaging in similar practices in the future.

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